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Our instructors actively compete with chess masters from around the world, often traveling no farther than their computers. Check out the following articles detailing their actual and virtual travels.

Boston Blitz

Jorge Sammour-Hasbun manages the Boston Blitz, New England's premier chess team. On September 28, the Boston Blitz defeated Baltimore 2 1/2 matches to 1 1/2 matches. To learn more about the Boston Blitz, including players and recent matches, visit the Boston Blitz.

Internet Blitz Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas" - March 13-21, 2009

In its tenth consecutive year, the annual "Ciudad de Dos Hermanas" tournament was held, the biggest and best online tournament, hosted on ICC... This is one of the most important Internet chess tournaments in the world with the last three editions boasting an entry of over 4,000 players from all over the world. Two-time winner IM Jorge Sammour-Hasbun attempted to make it a third successive victory. However, Ukranian GM Dmitry Kononenko (2574) wins the title for 2009.

Jorge Wins Two “Game of the Week” Awards

Imagine, if you will, Sammour-Hasbun during a League match. His pupils are astutely scouring a backlit computer screen, searching his opponent’s encampments for some weakness, a weakness. He has already sacrificed two pawns and knows his ultimate breakthrough must come quickly. His sleeves are rolled up to his elbows; his muscular arms are crossed. ... Like the ornate wooden helmet of a Viking is his gelled black hair., September 2008
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Jorge Brings Boston Blitz Team to Victory Over New York Knights, August 2008
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The Comeback Kid Does It Again: Jorge Sammour-Hasbun Wins Dos Hermanas 2008, April 2008
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US Chess League News: Game of the Year - 1st Place

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