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About Our Instructors

CMC instructors have earned various titles of Chess Master over the course of their prestigious careers. To become a Master requires years of study, practice, and competitive tournament play at the both National and International level. At the very least, it requires a minimum ranking of 2200 as established by FIDE and recognized by the United States Chess Federation and other chess governing bodies. But equally significant to our unique approach to teaching are the many life lessons they have learned along the way — lessons that they are then able to incorporate into the CMC curriculum. The journeys each Master has taken have literally taken them around the world, and it is this worldy perspective that is so enriching to young children.



US Championship 2013 Jorge was born and raised in Honduras, and spent much of his childhood playing competitive chess all over the world. In 1988, he won the U-10 world championship, and went on to win the U-12 championship as well. In addition to his many victories as a youth, Jorge is now the current Internet Blitz Chess Champion, a title won in both 2007 and 2008. Jorge is a member of the Boston Blitz, one of the most accomplished professional chess teams associated with the US Chess League. Jorge is a gifted instructor whose love of the game inspires children to reach new heights of creativity and fun. View Jorge's accomplishments (pdf).


George ZamoraNational Master  "GEORGE" SAMMOUR and his wife raised five highly talented children across a wide variety of disciplines. A champion himself in the sport of weightlifting, George instilled in his children a zeal to compete and to be the very best at what they do. George began playing chess at the age of 32, and coached his son Jorge to the world championship as a youth. Before leaving Honduras to emigrate to the United States, George, along with sons Jorge and Elias, qualified to represent Honduras in the Chess Olympics. George’s teaching style is classical in nature, emphasizing mental discipline, respect of self and of one’s opponent, and the joy that comes from a game well played.


National Master ELIAS ZAMORA

  Elias was born in El Salvador, and started playing chess at the age of six. During his youth, he enjoyed playing in occasional tournaments among adults as there were few children competing in chess in his home country at the time. Elias started playing the game seriously while in college in Honduras, competing in many tournaments and working his way up to be one of the best players in the country. As a collegiate player, Elias was able to represent his country in international competitions. After moving to the United States, Elias spent seven years teaching as part of a “Chess in the Schools” program in New York, as well as through private lessons. Elias is a Lifetime Chess Master. He teaches chess for the love of the game, and most enjoys watching children as their eyes open wide to the seemingly infinite possibilities — in chess as in life.


National Master Ilya Krasik

Ilya was born in St. Petersburg, Russia arrived to US in 1991, is a two-time  former Massachusetts High School champion, member of the Boston Blitz  since the team's inception in 2005, one of the most accomplished teams in the US Chess League. . Ilya is Nationaly certified tournament director as well as active tournament player with many victories to his name. Ilya has been a trainer with CMC since 2008.